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Forced Order
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period from 922-722 BC when once-united Israel became North & South--ended w/ Assyrian conquest
Hebrew term referring to covenant faithfulness, integrity; the key attribute of the God of the covenant
name for the region into which the Hebrews moved upon completing the Exodus & wilderness wanderings
land of Phonecians; name given to the coastal area to the north of Israel in the 1st millennium BC (extensive trade)
inhabitants of the district of Samaria
('revelation') Jewish/Christian lit in which author claims to have received revelation, usually eschatological (vivid symbolism)
='banned,' often requiring dedication to God thru destruction
expression of divine revelation, often enigmatic & thru prophet/diviner
the capital city of the Northern Kingdom from early 9th century BC
a major ANE empire in Mesopotamia, which dominated Israel & region 9th-7th centuries BC
the polytheistic cult of Israels's early neighbors
a group that migrated to the southern coast of Palestine in the 12th century BC; principal rivals of the Israelites after Canaanites
attempts to discover future events or the divine will by examining or manipulating natural phenomena
a literary form of personal/communal songs which cry out to God in anguish, urging God to deliver those who suffer from their distress
('prophets') 2nd main HB division ('N' of Tanakh)
ancient city, from which archaeologists have recovered 1000s of documents
a revelation about the end of the world or God's coming to render justice
a Moabite god
associated w/ Neo-Babylonian empire
a division of HB containing the 3 'major' prophets (Isa, Jer, Ezek) & the Book of the 12
the concept, common to many ancient non-Israelite societies, that the monarch so mediates between the people & ultimate reality that he should be considered a god
sometimes 'minor prophets,' a collection of 12 short prophetic books in the latter prophets
('right behavior or practice') unlike 'orthodoxy' (right belief), emphasizes conduct
(adj paraenetic) sermon encouraging proper behavior
a division of HB consisting of Josh, Judg, Sam, Kgs
a consecration to God requiring abstaining from wine, not having one's hair shorn, and not going near a dead body
a general Semitic word for 'lord,' 'owner,' or 'god'
ANE empire in south Mesopotamia which dominated Judah in the later 7th & 6th centuries BC
period in 6th century BC when part of Judea was taken into captivity in Babylon
the portion left over after a part is removed; the portion of the covenant community that remains after unfaithfulness & judgement

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