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Can you name the actors, films, and TV shows that connect Burn Notice to Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

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Forced Order
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HintConnection(appearing as)
This Burn Notice actor
guest-starred in this show from the same network
which stars
who appeared in this 2001 kids movie
which also stars
who voices a character in this sequel to a popular animated film
which also stars
who was in this 2006 rom-com
which also stars
who guest-starred in this NBC comedy
in which this actor also had a guest appearance
who was a miniature cowboy in this 2006 family comedy
which stars
HintConnection(appearing as)
who played the title role in this 2001 comedy film
which featured a cameo from this actor
who was the bad guy in this 1997 blockbuster
which also starred this teen heartthrob
who was in this 2010 Christopher Nolan thriller
also starring
who starred in this 2009 indie hit
playing opposite this actress
who is the sister of this television actress
who is in this FOX drama
alongside this TV hunk
who also stars in this 1997-2003 Joss Whedon television series

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