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QUIZ: Can you name the geographical things that have been abbreviated?

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* These use small words such as "and", "the", "de", ...
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BACapital city 'with good air'
BBA paradise island in the Pacific
BCCanadian province
BDAlternative name for the Hoover Dam
BENickname for New Orleans
BFAfrican nation
BGIcon of Berlin
BHEuropean country
BIGroup of 2 large and over 6000 small islands near the European continent
BJThe largest airport in Mexico and latin america's second busiest
BKWorld's tallest skyscraper, located in Dubai
BLFamous hot spring in Iceland
BMThis religious building is a touristic highlight of Istanbul
BNLarge river flowing through Sudan and Ethiopia
BPPrimary residence of the British monarch
BQThese countries' flags are nearly identical
BRA US state capital
BSLarge inland sea near Turkey
BTArea where ships and airplanes had a tendency to disappear
BUAside from Russia, Moldova, the '-stans', the Baltic states and the Caucasus region, which countries made up the Soviet Union?
BVThese islands form an archipelago with it's US counterpart and are located in the Caribbean
BWRemnant of the cold war in East Germany
BYThe capital and name of the country in the Balkan that fell apart in the '90s
BZThis New York City animal park is one of the largest in the USA

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