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AACapital of Ethiopia
AB* Country in the western hemisphere
ACThe most northern major circle of latitude
ADOne of the richest capitals in the world
AEComplete the following country: 'United _______ _______'
AFThe world's highest waterfall
AGUffizi and the Louvre are 2 of the finest
AHAn empire in Europe that existed from 1867 till 1918 comprising a large part of Eastern Europe, it was known as the dual monarchy.
AIName often used for the islands Aruba, CuraƧao and Bonaire
AJAside from Guernsey, Sark and Herm, which 2 islands make up the majority of the Channel Islands?
AKThe longest suspension bridge in the world, found in Japan
ALRegional organisation of several countries spread over Asia and Africa
AMThe western most part of Asia, comprising most of Turkey
ANBeautiful cathedral in Europe's cultural capital of 2011 (Tallinn), Sofia has a similarly named cathedral
AOVast remote area in the Asia Pacific known for it's animal diversity and as home to the aboriginals
APTectonic plate between the Eurasian and African plates
ARNatural landmark in Australia
ASPlace in Egypt that is known for its ancient temples
AT* Landmark at the end of Paris' Champs Elysees
AUAll African nations except for Morocco and Madagascar are part of this organisation
AV* Capital of a small nation
AWBig temple complex in Cambodia

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