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Can you name the missing words of the Anastacia songs?

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and once again the _____ ends with you and I
You'll Never Be Alone 
gotta love, keep me ______
Don't Stop 
And you wanted to be ____ one
Pretty Little Dum Dum 
Viens me secourir, j'ai le _____ trop lourd
Trop Lourd Dans Mon Coeur 
Don’t be a bitch politician with your ______ cream smile
Twisted Girl 
'Cause I'm not that kind of ____
Not That Kind 
______ through life unnoticed
Everything Burns 
Things aint ____ in love in war
Somebody bring up the ____ I want you to see
Welcome To My Truth 
I promise forever _____ love wont change
You'll Be Fine 
Well _____ you should know
Left Outside Alone 
With their ____ and stones
I Do 
I love to see the leaves fall in _______
In Summer 
So ___ floating
Sick And Tired 

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