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Forced Order
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Baby, Whatcha doing today, what are you doing later? I don’t know my way through a maze of gray skyscrapers But I’m willing to learn
If your travels ever take you to sea Then I'd say to you to dip in your feet And if you battle the wind along the way Then I'd tell you to challenge the waves
Gone away are the golden days Just a page in my diary So here I am, a utopian citizen Still convinced there's no such thing as idealism
Tears are forming in your eyes A storm is warning in the sky The end of the world it seems You bend down and you fall on your knees Well get back on your feet yeah
Love is simple It's the simple things that make me smile It's clear as crystal I'm right where I should be
This road is anything but simple Twisted like a riddle I've seen high and I've seen low
I've said it once and I'll say it again I've got something hanging over my head
I've never known you But I'm no stranger to this feeling I know it's over But the hurt's not
The city sleeps So silently Wish I could say the same for me
Well I'm going home Downhearted and hoping I'm close to some new beginning
Won't be so easy, This time to hurt me You can try, and this time, oh baby, there are no tears left here to dry
How many times have you used that line? Did you replace the last two dozen names with mine?
I see the ghosts on the sidewalk, they're passing by Everyone's wearing blinders, identical minds Am I the only one who doesn't want to fall into line? Am I?
Wait and see, you'll believe, when he's here next to me That's what I told them You were my way of trying to prove The power of transforming
All I can say is things didn't go as I planned Seems every day I'm learning is out of my hands
I can tell by the way you been yelling her name that it's more than a friendly game With a smile and that I'm-gonna-fight-to-the-death expression in her eye
I got this ticket in my hand And I got a long, long day ahead And I got a hell of a lot of reasons to be sad But I've got a hundred more that keep me coming back
Oh my darling I'm so far in, I can't see my feet Your water deep is washing over me
Put me up on a pedestal I've got nowhere to go but down You expect the impossible And it's too much to carry around
Well I've heard there was a sacred chord David played and it pleased the Lord But you don't really care for music, do ya ?
I bit my tongue for too long My patience gets a bit thin I gotta tell you the way that it is
Tell me where'd the day go I'm lyin' wide awake wonderin' How it escaped The sun gone away
Far in the distance This is the view from the other side How did I let this pass me by?
Been here before Revolving door We're caught up and I don't know what for Anymore
As high as the moon So high were my spirits When you sang out my name
I stood here on this same old ground one year ago And now standing here at the edge of the woods, I'm all alone
I never feared the unexpected Till I found myself in this peculiar place Unaware of where I was headed Turns out it was your footsteps I had chased
Far away This ship is taking me far away Far away from the memories Of the people who care if I live or die
Out of the corner of my tired eyes, I'm not surprised It's now a quarter past too late, nothing new, it's no case out of the ordinary
Thought I saw a sign, somewhere between the lines. Maybe it's me, maybe I only see, what I want.
I break away from every situation like this one most times baby But since you been round here I've given in, my dear, to your captivation daily
Pretty girls, they have it easy Living the strawberry kiwi life.
So the story goes on down The less traveled road It's a variation on The one I was told
I can't decide why you hide what's inside I've disappeared from your eyes Never mind, 'cause I'm leaving you behind
I don't know what to do But stare into space Wish I could shut my eyes I used to sleep at night I used to feel safe And now I'm terrified
I stop to catch my breath And I stop to catch your eye No need to second-guess That you've been on my mind Well I, I dream days away, but that's OK
It's the start of something brand new - It's the start of the closing line With the door cracked an inch or two - Do I dare set my foot inside?
We were young in the summer of some year I don't quite recall But it feels like yesterday
It's been a week since I've heard your voice now You know it seems like a hundred years
A little tough love never hurt nobody Never saw this coming This side of me
[title] Makes no difference Who you are Anything your heart desires Will come to you
I couldn't make this up I have been outdone by my own kind I always traded up, yeah Now I'm a victim for the first time
I want a violet bicycle, flip flops and sand between my toes These are the beautiful things in life
Tuesday at 2 AM long after you said goodnight I put the coffee on, strong and I bought me some time
I been holding on for eternity Waiting on your love I let you lead me on so perfectly
I use no exaggeration I'm plainly hanging by a thread And I'm running low on patience But don't go blame it on yourself
So you see, you've got me back again for more And it seems, your song is in my head this is war
You dry my eyes with your long sleeve Your sweatshirt's way too big on me, but it's perfect
So you set out to find the sky like a rocketship And from on this ground you looked so fine
Ignorance is bliss You'd always hear me say But at times you can't deny Those eyes looking your way
In fairness I was an easy sell Though I'm embarrassed to admit it to myself

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