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QUIZ: Can you name the South Park Characters

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Fat Kid Who Hates Kyle
Voice Is Always Muffled
Jewish Kid Who Hates Cartman
Kid With Really Crazy Dad
Kid Whos Really Gullible And Stupid
Stan's Crazy Dad
Handicapped Kid Who Is A Comedian
3rd Grade Teacher Who Has A Hand Puppet Called Mr. Hat
South Park Elementary Counseler Who Always Says M'kay
Cartman's Mom Who Is A ****
Stan's Girlfriend Who Is An Activist
Kid Who's Always Hyper On Coffee
Kyle's Mom Who Is Always Fighting For What's 'Right'
Kyle's Dad and Who Is A Lawyer
Wendy's Best Friend
Accidently Called Sexiest Of The Class And Caused His Mother's Death By Leaving The Toilet Seat Up
Likes Putting Up His Middle Finger And Hates Eric Cartman And His Group
Handicapped Kid Who Has A Very Small Vocabulary
The Rich Black Kid In South Park
Butters Sidekick When Turned Into Proffesor Chaos
Randy's Wife And Stan's Mom
Butter's Strict Father
Stan's Uncle And Own's [His Name] Guns
The Mayor Of South Park
South Park's Dumb Police Officer
A Super Gay Person Who Always Says 'I'm Super Thanks For Asking'
The Gay Ruler Of Hell
God's Son Who Has His Own Talk Show
Owner Of City Wok
Canadian TV Duo Who Think Farting Is Funny
A Walking Towel Who Is Always Warning People About Towel Awareness
A Very Skinny Ethiopian Boy
A Walking Piece Of Feces Who Always Wears A Christmas Hat
A Strange Like Cat Creature Who Is Jesus's Father
A Police Detective
The School Chef Who Was Killed Off The Show
A Very Unpopular English Classmate Who Was Killed Off The Show
The Priest At The Church Of South Park
The Gay Lover Of Mr. Garrison Before He Turned Into A Woman
Jimbo's Sidekick Who Speaks Through A Voicebox
Butter's Mother
Stan's Grandfather
Kenny's Violent And Alcoholic Father
Kenny's Mother
Kyle's Canadian Little Brother
Stan's Abusive Older Sister
The Principal Of South Park Elementary
South Park's Mad Scientist
South Park Elementary's 4th Grade Teacher Who Was Killed Off The Show
The South Park Bus Driver Who Was Killed Off The Show
Satan's Gay Lover Who Was Killed Off The Show
South Park Elementary's Shop Teacher
The School Nurse Who Has A Dead Fetus On Her Head
A Crazy Vice President Who Is Always Searching For Man-Bear-Pig
A Ginger Redneck Who Is Always Ranting About Something
The Doctor At Hells Pass Hospital
Cartman's Pet Cat Who Is Always Meowing To Get Some Food
Another Ginger Redneck Who Is Always Ranting About Something
Two Kids Who Are Always Calling People Gay
A Kid Who Is Always Dirty And Never Talks
South Park Fanatic
Mr. Garrison's Hand Puppet

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