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This Duo Has Their Own TV Show. 'Shwing'
If You Want To Go To Find A Family-Fun Place, He's Not Your Guy To Ask 'It's That Thing Of Where You Shake A Midget For An Answer Until He Says 'Try Again Later''
Another Duo Who's Head-Bobbing Their Way Out Of The Clubs 'What Is Love'
She Got Her Own Movie 'Superstar'
These Two Are Full Of Energy 'Don't Just Wait, MASTERBATE!'
He Always Interupts The Middle Of His Own Show 'Ooo-Wee... What's Up With That, What's Up With That'
Always Looking For People To Open Their Doors So He Can Eat Them 'Candy-Gram'
He's A Huge Green Thing, Fill In The Blank 'I'm ______ Dammit'
She's Depressing People A Lot. 'It's Official... I Can't Have Children'
These Guys Are From Some Other Country Trying To Pick Up As Many American Woman As Possible 'We Are Two Wild And Crazy Guys!'
He Also Got His Own Movie Which Has Some Bad Advice For Love 'Caller # 1'
They're Always Telling People What They Can And Can't Do On Their Show 'Cuz' We're Talkin' It Up'
He Trys To Intrude On Other People's Charity 'Bring It On Down To ____-Ville'
She Try's To Make Everyone Think That She's 50 'I Can Kick, And Stretch, And Kick! I'm 50!'
Always Getting Into Sticky Situations, And Blows Up 'Ok Hand Me That Thumbnail'
He/She Is A Person Who Is Sassy, Sassy, & SASSY! 'YOU-A CANNOT TOUCH-A DIS!'
She Is Interupting The Lawrence Welk Show, Always! Fill In The Blank 'And I Am ________'
He's Hopping Around His Room & Talking To Himself 'Oh I Must Say, I Must Say'
The Danced And Sang Their Way To The Big Screen, Fill In The Blank 'The _____ Brothers'
'If Your Still Doing This Quiz You'll Be Living In A Van Down By The River!'

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