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A - Z
Where the smokies come from
The English outlawed them and still they are played in defiance
The Big Yin --- Billy ________ (8)
Captain Scotts ship 'The Discovery' is here
You will hear the 1 o'clock gun here
Celtic and Rangers are the Old ____ (4)
The River Clyde runs through it
The national dish of Scotland
The 'national' drink of Scotland --- made from girders!!!
Scotlands last King, the United Kingdoms first
Scottish skirts
Scotlands worst terrorist attack
Labours first Prime Minister --- Ramsay _________ (9)
Whats that in the Loch???
Where Skara Brae is
Macbeth is the Scottish ____ (4)
Mary _____ of Scots (5)
The Bard --- ______ Burns (6)
What the Americans call whisky
The pattern on a kilt
Scotland is part of the United Kingdom and the European _____ (5)
Scotlands greatest rockers - 'Superstar Tradesman'. 'The Don', 'Same Jeans' --- The ____ (4)
Mel Gibson
The Saltire, Scotlands flag, the St Andrews ____ (5)
Bonnie Prince Charlie was the _____ Pretender (5)
The only place in Britain to house koala bears --- Edinburgh ___ (3)

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