My Movie Collection

Can you name the 200 of the movies in my personal DVD and Blu-ray collection?

Fun hint!
Like the floor level in Being John Malkovich...only higher!
1. 'Grrrr!' 2. 'Grrrr!' 3. 'Grrrr!' 4. 'Grrrr!' 5. 'Grrrr!' 6. 'Grrrr!' 7. 'Grrrr!' 8. 'Grrrr!' 9. 'Grrrr!' 10. 'Grrrr!' 11. 'Grrrr!' 12. 'Grrrr!'
OK, so maybe they didn't end civilization - but they did give us AIDS!
A joint about going to the joint
VERY historically inaccurate
You'll never be real, slugger. Plus, Jude Law's character has been dead the whole time.
Sex! Drugs! Twins!
But not like they mean on Cinemax...
Sundance Kid catches a crook
They're real. And they're spectacular.
'I am a golden god.'
Stop prancing around and giggling, you little nelly!
God, don't be sad and turn into a puddle of water, you stupid Frenchie!
Stop following me around, plastic bag! Aaaahhhh!
Michael Vick's favorite movie ever
'I forgot my mantra.'
Like one isn't enough of a headache already.
Awww, look at Morpheus - he was so cute when he was 14!
Don't worry, Sandra Bullock - your husband is safe and sound.
The wave of the future. The wave of the future. The wave of the future. The wave of the future.
36 seconds of silence.
'He's a man! We wrestled!'
Stop growling at me and just fight crime!
Yeah, that's called 'night.'
Authorities! Seize these Asian teenagers at once!
Hey, bring that back! My poor post-war family is starving! Jerk!
This movie achieves.
Horse racing? Jeez, what are you talking about, Lauren Bacall? It's not sex, is it?
Awesomest hand-stabbing scene of all-time.
The 14-inch schlong.
Lesbian criminals! Wheeeeee!
'We're all in this together.'
Chinese stereotypes are hilarious! Thanks, Mickey Rooney!
Jump cuts!
Strong houses are made of this!
'You promised me if I came in late you'd fire me! You promised!'
'I've gone GAY all of a sudden!'
Greatest helium gag ever.
'You're a terrible actress.'
The beautiful friendship.
Sharon Stone copulates a midget.
Caught you!
'You're a fascist pig.'
Ewww, gross, John Huston!
The Ghostbusters cartoon series did a hilarious parody of the ending of this movie. Or at least I thought it was funny when I was 8. Before I realized I, too, had lost my childhood
The 2016 Olympics will be SO sweet if there's a gang war!
I'm siiiiiingin' in the rain....
More like the color black.
Like the way I feel about Glenn Beck.
'A strange man defecated on my sister.'
Haha, Stephen Rea! She's packing heat!
Gross, Cate Blanchett - you're in love with a baby! Pedophile!
Jack Bauer is an EXCELLENT psychiatrist.
Uh.... Submarine. Yeah.
Zombie babies in blenders!
Ten commandments, ten movies.
Like what you did in English class, but with Woody Allen.
Like the ending of '187,' but not retarded.
Just keep your fat little fingers underneath the table and the shooters won't see you!
All he wants is some extra cheese, Sal.
Very straightforward dialogue, with no double meanings at all.
'You're going to bring him in here? But he'll see the Big Board!'
'I'm not a cross dresser. I'm a transvestite!'
Meet me in Montauk.
Rofl, split pea soup vomit.
Orson Welles is....magic!
Fun hint!
Like five answers ago, but not a comedy.
You betcha!
Ask any sports fan to name a movie. There's your answer.
I just broke Rule No. 1.
Flying circus, underwater.
Just deliver Spain from bondage already, Hugh!
'We'll always be friends, forever.' Definitely Kurt Russell's finest hour.
My mouth is NOT filled with cunny juice. I'm just groggy.
What's this obsession with trains, Buster?
Danny DeVito is every bit as menacing as John Travolta, no?
A pair of jeans on the sidewalk.
Maybe Joaquin wasn't acting after all...
I want that set of steak knives.
Name the first movie that pops in your head.
That carrot looks delicious! Eat it, you hussy!
Sounds kinda like the Dating Game, only with guns.
Awww, now he's got to live the rest of his life like a schnook.
The butler did it?
Michael Caine got an Oscar! Cute!
Wheeee, let's run around and play in a field! Wheeeee!
Finally, the franchise gets a competent director.
'What F***ing Ian guy??!!'
Hey look, it's Juwan Howard and Jalen Rose!
'Arrest me! I'm a slasher!'
Irish immigrants have such amusing lives!
Cold-blooded killers have such amusing stories!
I need a cigarette.
Vin Diesel's finest hour.
Stop pointing that gun at Samuel L. Jackson's testicles, Pam.
The butler did it. He was on the grassy knoll, you see.
You uncultured swine have never seen this movie. But the poster appeared in Vanilla Sky.
Amy Adams before she was famous.
You're never going to believe this, but Edward G. Robinson plays a gangster.
Robert Evans, you're too humble!
It would be even more poignant if he was on top of the World Trade Center at the end.
Anita Ekberg's rack.
DDL actually became an American Indian for this movie.
No more movies, EVER? Nooooo!
Ziggy Stardust-Pilate.
No, it's NOT a Japanese movie.
Come on, it's Elisabeth Shue! What more are you waiting for?!
The glorious debut of glorious Chev.
Stop trying to read Bill Murray's lips at the end! It won't work!
Do you want them to eat souffle every meal and croissant?
Hey, frogs! Cute!
It's just a stupid bird statue, jeez!
Well then where was he?
Whoa, that deck of cards is HUGE!
'This was his town.'
Actually, full of heroin pellets.
Including the name that is inversely responsible for the most powerful woman on television.
007, but drunk and depressed.
Cowboys and hookers!
'Jap adapters?'
'I have this condition...'
'Look into your heart...'
Can you see?
So good, I wanted Chapter Five.
'I'm 37. I'm not old!'
Jews kicking ass!
'I haven't had this much action since I was a boy scout leader!'
Instead of a gangster, Ray Liotta turned into a crooked cop.
Country music has never been more awesome.
Is this like an extension of Woody's character from Cheers? Sad!
Yeah, I'm mad, too, but I'm just going to sit here and take it.
The most ominous final steps in movie history.
Fun hint!
Vivaldi's Four Seasons has never been so cringe-inducing.
Yeah, but that still doesn't defend you naming names, Elia.
Like a fairy tale, but with prohibition and gangsters
Like a fairy tale, but with mercenaries, revenge and Claudia Cardinale
Think of an imaginary World Series game
Whoa, waterfalls are dangerous! Good thing he caught her!
Whoa, Scary Don Cheadle, you're usually so warm and fuzzy!
The last meal before the execution looked DELICIOUS.
Those photographs are filthy, young lady!
It's actually a famous symbol, not a word.
If you say this fast, it sounds like 'penis.'
Don't die so gracefully, Willem!
Springtime for ... well, you know.
The Pop Tart scene
Jeez, Mormon mattress salesmen are dangerous!
I'm the boss, I'm the boss, I'm the boss, I'm the boss.
Like what Vantage Point thought it was doing, only not completely retarded.
Raymond Burr, if you mess with Grace Kelly, I'm going to kick your a**!
Norwegian angst!
Gross, Jared Leto, what's wrong with your arm?!
I especially like Jeff Goldblum's running feet.
You're never going to believe this, but Dean Martin is drunk again!
Stop trying to kill Tom Hanks, old man!
Oh, Audrey - like no one can tell you're a princess?
That's a sweet painting on your wall, Owen.
Hepburn/Huston/Bogart > Ormond/Kinnear/Ford
Didn't you guys ever see the Bourne movies? Little Matt can save himself!
Jeez, stop killing so many Jews!
Denis Leary is toothless. And awesome.
Also an episode title in Season 2 of 30 Rock.
'Her pretty head.'
Brooks was here.
John Wayne = total bigot.
Great, now everyone thinks they're a wine expert because they saw this movie. Congratulations.
SNL alums LOVE doing Scottish accents.
Black and white and red all over.
Make 'em laugh .... and sing, of course.
Twist ending!!
You can't understand a word Brad's saying.
Two versions. One Russian, one American.
Hitchcock + Dali =
Gross, little kid, stop smearing it all over the library!
Obviously it was only a matter of time before all those metal tools fell out of the loaf of bread, idiot!
She's ready for her close-up.
'I'm the best guitarist in the world. Except for this gypsy in France.'
Probably brings back memories for Reagan.
Just pretend the next two sequels never happened.
Milkshakes are delicious! Get your own!
Hey, Orson, what's wrong with the cuckoo clock?!
The sequels wll be Green, Orange and Purple.
'I opened the box - there was nothing inside!'
All he wants is a baseball field for the kids!
Dead babies on the ceiling! Wheeeee!
The Tour de France is MUCH easier to handicap if it's in your own secret room.
Good afternoon, good evening and good night.
Daniel Day Lewis' method acting for this movie probably consisted of porking tons of Russian chicks.
Hilarious 9/11 fun!
No, he's not dead this time. But he IS a superhero.
Clint's going to teach you about manhood.
Don't look down!
You never forget your first time. Unless you're dead and didn't have a first time.
What's the difference between partly cloudy and mostly sunny?
Toon in for this one! (rofl!)
Everybody do the chameleon!
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