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The military reforms that this man made to the Roman legions were revolutionary. They lead to increased loyalty to individual generals rather than the Roman state.He began recruitment among the poor and rewarded them with land upon the end of their service.
Who was the first Roman to lead his army to Rome and seize it by force?He later laid down his position and retired to rural life
The 3rd member of the first Triumverate wasHe died at the battle of Carrhae against the Parthians
Gnaeus Pompeius was known asThis name was bestowed on him for military successes
Pompeius married ____ as his fourth wifeShe was the daughter of Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar crossed what river boundary to start his war against Pompeius?'Alea iacta est'
The final battle between Caesar and Pompeius was where?(In Thessaly)
'Pharsalia' was the fantastical poem of the civil war between Caesar and Pompeius. It was written byThe author was forced to commit suicide by Nero
Pompeius died inHe was betrayed and decapitated
Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa served under A distinguished general and statesman, he was integral to his commander's success.
Pompeius' sons both survived him and carried on resistance to Caesar. The younger son's name wasHis base of operations was Sicily
Caesar was murdered by Beware the ides of March!
The two conspirators from the previous question were defeated at(In northern Greece)
The 3rd member of the second Triumverate wasHe held the office of Pontifex Maximus until his death
Marcus Antonius was defeated in the naval battle ofHe later killed himself
Octavian later took the title of ____ and is considered the first Emperor of RomeMeaning 'revered'

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