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The tombs of the early dynastic period were simple flat-roofed structures called:Important Egyptians other than Pharoahs continued to use this type of tomb even after proper Pyramid construction began.
The first pyramid is known as the ____ Pyramid of Djoser3rd Dynasty, 60 meters high
Who was the architect of the pyramid in question 2?This man was also Djoser's Chancellor and high priest of Ra. He was deified after death.
Pharaoh Sneferu of the 4th Dynasty built several pyramids. Name one at Dahshur.
Sneferu's son, Khufu, built the greatest pyramid of all at:The Great Pyramid is a marvel of construction, and reaches 146.59 meters in height.
Khafre's pyramid complex included this iconic Egyptian sculpture:
The smallest of the three main pyramids in the (answer to question 5) group was built by which Pharaoh?His pyramid is 65 meters in height.
How many 'queens pyramids' are there beside the Great Pyramid of Khufu?
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The Great Pyramid contains approximately how many blocks of stone?
Name one of the interior sections of the Great Pyramid.
Khufu's sarcophagus is made of what material?
The smallest Old Kingdom pyramid was that of:This pyramid was the first to have hieroglyphs (early Pyramid Texts) inside.
The Pharaohs of the 6th Dynasty (including Teti, Pepi I, Merenre, and Pepi II) built their pyramids where?Teti's pyramid is 52.5 meters high.
The 12th Dynasty Pharaohs Amenemhet I and Senwosret I built their pyramids where?Amenemhet's is 55 meters high, Senwosret's is 61.25.
Name the British army officer who made extensive use of boring and dynamite to excavate multiple pyramids.
Known as the 'Father of Egyptian Archeology,' this man wrote 'The Pyramids and Temples Of Gizeh,' published 1883.

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