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Forced Order
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Apart from Russia, has the highest number of neighbors
It is the largest island shared by 2 countries
The only Central America country with no shore on the Atlantic
Has the highest population density in the world
This small island country has 4 official languages
The maximum altitude in the capital of this country is only a few feet
This European country completely surrounds 2 other European countries
It is the continental country closest to the equator, without crossing it
Has the lowest population density in the world
This European state has the highest gross domestic product per person in the world
It has only 2 land neighbors.It has a population almost 10 times higher than its Northern neighbor, though it is smaller in size.
25% of its territory is below sea-level
A Demilitarized Zone completely cuts the peninsula in 2. Name one the 2 countries
2 EU countries, sharing a border, have each 3 official languages, but only 2 are in common. Name the smaller country
The 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean Sea is in the EU. Name the country that occupies its Northern part and is a candidate to the EU
Its official language is English but has borders only with countries whose language is Spanish
Comprises a continental region and a smaller insular region. The capital is on an island! and not in Europe!
The Netherlands share about 10 miles of land border with this other EU country, but it is not Germany nor Belgium
Has the largest coral reef system
The smallest portuguese speaking country in the world
It has a train connecting its capital to its most Eastern city. A 6000 miles trip!
These 2 countries share a dead sea
This island country has a territory in continental Europe which is a few miles from Africa
This South American country has a land border with a EU state
In 1982, it invaded a territory occupied by a European country. The war lasted 74 days. Name the country that lost
This African country at the entrance of the Red Sea was a French territory until 1977
The only African country with shores on both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea
It has the capital closest to the North Pole
It's got only 2 separate land borders, one to the South, and one on to the West. But it is with the same country!
It is the southernmost landlocked country in the world
This country possesses a separate territory on another continent, but it is only a few miles away!

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