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Can you name the 5 US States by what they are/have/do NOT?

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First CluesState NameFinal Clue
Has no ocean coastline/Has no border with another country/Has no coastline on the Great Lakes/Has no elevation point higher than 2000ftHas not the highest number of neighboring states!
Has no border with another country/Is not crossed or bordered by the Mississippi River/Has no part observing the Eastern Time Zone/Is not in the West Census Bureau RegionIs not a neighbor of one of the Four Corners States!
Is not a neighbor of Canada, Mexico, Iowa or Tennessee/Has not an area < 50 000sq mi/Does not include part of the Rocky Mountains/Has not a neighbor starting with a 'C'/Not IowaDoes not have political subdivisions called 'parishes'!
Does not have a population over 1 000 000/Has not any animal on its flagDoes not contain any part of Yellowstone National Park!
Has no straight line in its state boundaryThat's the only one!

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