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Can you name the events that occurred during, before, or after Andrew Jackson's presidency and the people involved?

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Year in which there was only one party and 4 candidatesNone
Who was involved? (4)Put names in alphabetical order by last name
Deal between two of the candidates that led to one of them becoming president.None
Who was involved? (2)None
The protectionist tariff that rose to 37%.None
Who was involved? (1)None
Party created in 1832 in opposition to Jackson and his policies.None
Who was involved? (1)None
Year in which a candidate from the newly born Democratic Party was elected.None
Who was involved? (1)None
What was his nickname?None
System created that gave federal jobs to his supportersNone
Who was involved? (1)None
This system was later replaced by another system of what?None
First sex scandal during Jackson's presidency.None
Who was involved? (3)First and last names required for all 3 answers
John Eaton was the Secretary of None
Power exercised by Jackson many times, also known as vetoNone
Bill vetoed which would grant federal funds for the creation of a great road in Kentucky.None
Who was involved? (2)None
Year in which a third party rose that opposed secret and elitist groups.None
Who was the name of this party?None
Resulted from the president removing federal deposits from the 2nd Bank of the US and putting them into pet banks.None
Who was involved? (2)None
Declared by the president, this required public lands to be purchased with hard currency.None
Who was involved? (1)None
Act that forced Natives to abandon their lands and move to 'Indian Territory'.None
Who was involved? (6 --- 5 Tribes and 1 VIP)Place 5 tribes first in alphabetical order and then the VIP
Year in which our FAVORITE PRESIDENT chose his successor to be the new president.None
Who was involved? (2)None
Who died because of his declining health (i.e. a lead bullet being stuck in him)? None
What is Coach Reason's last name?You better know this!
Who created this quiz? (Hint: Creator's name below the name of quiz)I feel sorry for you if you can't get this!

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