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Angel who loses her grace
The Older Brother
The funniest angel in the Garrison
The Mother
The Brother described as the really tall one
Half Brother
He can control minds
Angel who faked his own death
He was telekinesis
His Stepmother's Name
Sold Supernatural objects
Angel who claims to be in Witness Protection
Hunter who had the Colt til he was killed by Vampires
Demon who betrays
Dies by Hell Hounds
Owns Road House
Sam and Dean's third cousin (Girl)
The girl who is obsessed with Sam
Hunter killed by The seven deadly sins
Killed Jessica and Mary
The special child who opens the Devil's Gates
The Grandmother
Hindu Goddess
A punk magician
Bobby's dead wife
The Father
The young prophet
Tortures Dean in Hell
Helps Sam and Dean. Is like a father to them
First Demon to be exorcised
Saw Sam die
Name of Castiel's vessel
Blind Pyschic
Arch Angel trying to take over heaven
The horseman who put Sam's soul back
Leader of the leviathans
King of Hell
The horseman who created people to think others were demons
Angel who befriended Sam and Dean
Teamed up with Gordon Walker to kill Sam
Mother of All
The Horse man who spreads illnesses
Hunter turned Vampire now dead
The Horseman who eats souls
Dean's Daughter
The Devil
One of the special children who kills people by touching them
The first Demon, killed by Sam

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