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*ring ring* *ring ring* Hello, hello, welcome to your new career at Freddy Fazbear's Trivia!

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Forced Order
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Who is the Guitarist?
Who is the backup singer?
Who is the main character?
Who is the Pirate?
Who is the Crying Child?
Who is the killer?
Who is the night watch on FNaF 1?
Who is the night watch on FNaF 2?
Who is night watch on night 7 (FNaF2)
Which animatronic doesn't kill you? (FNaF2)
What was the original restraunt called?
What shadow animatronic crashes your game? (FNaF2)
Who is in SpringTrap?
Where is Balloon GIRL? (FNaF2)
Who is the leader of the animatronics?
Who is the least active w/ black eyes? (FNaF2)
Which Toy Animatronic loses their beak?
What was a former cheat code on custom night? (FNaF2)
What do the animatronics do to you if you fail the night?
What does Spring in SpringTrap mean?
What Does Trap mean in SpringTrap?
What are the phantom animatronics?
Who's noise is played when you play the audio? (FNaF3)
What else comes out of the music box after Marionette? (FNaF2)
What shadow character enters your office and crashes your game? (FNaF2)
What animal is Mangle?
Who else was in the Golden Freddy minigame besides Freddy? (FNaF3)
What happens to Fazbear's Fright after Nightmare mode? (FNaF3)
If you turn up the brightness on the newspaper heading after completing Nightmare mode, who is in the corner? (FNaF3)
Who DOES NOT have a jumpscare on FNaF3?
Which animatronic can glitch through doors? (FNaF1)
What do the animatronics despise?
What time does the shift end? (ALL)
Who is the maker of Five Night's at Freddy's?
Which animatronic scares the creator of Five Night's at Freddy's?
What game image by Scott looks like the layout of Fazbear's Fright look like?
Is Balloon Boy a REAL animatronic?
What is Mangle holding?
What game console looks like the minigames in FNaF2-3?
What was FNaF intended to be? (Genre-wise)
What do you need to put on when animatronic(s) come into the office?
What body part is Chica (v1) missing in FNaF2?
What is Withered Bonnie Missing?
What color are Balloon Boy's buttons before he enters the office? (FNaF2)
What color are Balloon Boy's button when he DOES enter your office? (FNaF2)
What song plays when you wind the music box? (FNaF2)
What song plays when Marionette is out of the music box? (FNaF2)
Is there a real identity on who the security guard's name on FNaF3?
What is phone guy's call ALWAYS start with
What does 10-1 mean in police use?
Who does Mangle try to call when s/he is near? (FNaF2-3)
What device has longer nights? (pc or mobile?)
Who supposedly 'killed' phone guy?
What number was on the bottom left of Scott's FNaF3 teaser of Balloon Boy?
Whose nose makes a sound when you click it?
What animal is Freddy?
What horror game symbolizes Marionette? (Hint: a creepy pasta)
What videogame character looks like BB? (Hint: From Animal Crossing)
What camera number is hidden but in the script? ( FNaF3)

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