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Which pill does Neo choose?The Matrix
What does Tyler Durden sell?Fight Club
What animals does Indiana hate?Raiders of the Lost Ark
What kind of camera does Leonard use?Memento
Which of Dorothy's friends wants a brain?The Wizard of Oz
How many miles per hour must the DeLorean go to time-travel?Back to the Future
What company does Chuck work for?Cast Away
What's written on the bottom of Woody's boot?Toy Story
At what university is Will a janitor?Good Will Hunting
What band does the Dude hate?The Big Lebowski
What mythical animal does Deckard dream about?Blade Runner
What song plays as Patrick axes Paul?American Psycho
What game show host knocks Happy unconscious?Happy Gilmore
In what pub do Shaun and co. seek refuge?Shaun of the Dead
What room number does Jack investigate?The Shining
What word does Kane utter before he dies?Citizen Kane
What's the name of Ripley's cat?Alien
How many years is Oh Dae-su imprisoned?Oldboy
What does the film title stand for?M
Who is Alex's favorite composer?A Clockwork Orange
What does Harry's boggart manifest as?Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
What war did Travis serve in?Taxi Driver
What is Col. Hans Landa's drink of choice?Inglourious Basterds
What beer does Frank prefer?Blue Velvet
What political strategy does Smith employ?Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
What's the name of the man in the rabbit suit?Donnie Darko
What song plays on the radio every morning?Groundhog Day
What Japanese whiskey does Bob promote?Lost in Translation
What WWII ship did Quint serve on?Jaws
What's the password?Eyes Wide Shut

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