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Can you name the Arkham City Characters?

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Hated by all criminals. Main character.Bruce Wayne
Batman's partner.Tim Drake
The first Robin.Dick Grayson (DLC)
Mentioned by Joker in AR challenge.Jason Todd
Daughter of Jim Gordon.Barbara Gordon
Butler for the Waynes.(name in answer)
Commissioner of GCPD.(name in answer)
Missing an arm because of Killer Croc.(name in answer)
Gives Batman all his tech.(name in answer)
Inside the 'Order on St. Dumas'.Michael Lane
Batman's feline friend.Selina Kyle
Batman's arch enemy.(unknown)
Joker's girlfriend/ partner.Harleen Quinzel
Mad Scientist. Know who Batman is.(name in answer)
Once District Attorney, now mad man.Harvey Dent
Hates all Waynes. British.Oswald Cobblepot
Thinks he's the best.Erward Nigma
Quite the 'Green Thumb'. Red Head.Pamela Isley
Lives for his wife and for her cure.Victor Fries
Inventor of 'Fear Toxin'.Dr. Jonathan Crane
'Broke The Bat'.(unknown)
Trapped in ice.(name in answer)
Major of Gotham City.(name in answer)
Sssshhhhh.Thomas Elliot
Each cut is for each victim.(name in answer)
Never misses (except with Batman).Floyd Lawton
Easter egg in sewer. Has scales.Waylon Jones
'Born on a Monday'.(name in answer)
The puppet in the Iceberg Lounge.Arnold Wesker
'Head Of The Demon'.(name in answer)
'Daughter Of The Demon'.(name in answer)
The best actor in Gotham. Malleable .Basil Karlo
Easter egg. Main villain in Arkham Origins.Roman Sionis
Always knows the day.Julian Day
Likes tea...and Alice.Jervis Tetch
News reporter in Gotham. Male.(name in answer)
News Reporter in Gotham. Female.(name in answer)

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