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Can you name the 50 biggest spending current football managers in the world since 2000?

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Nationality (age)ManagerSpend
Portuguese (53)£1.08bn
Italian (57)£828m
Chilean (63)£794m
Spanish (46)£644m
French (67)£626m
Italian (65)£591m
Italian (52)£579m
Spanish (57)£566m
Italian (49)£499m
Dutch (65)£430m
Welsh (53)£405m
Spanish (47)£371m
N. Irish (44)£366m
Portuguese (39)£358m
Argentine (47)£339m
French (53)£329m
Italian (58)£324m
Italian (47)£320m
French (51)£304m
Romanian (71)£302m
Spanish (45)£301m
Scottish (54)£298m
Italian (69)£294m
Dutch (54)£284m
Italian (70)£281m
Nationality (age)ManagerSpend
English (56)£276m
Italian (55)£271m
Argentine (61)£265m
Spanish (62)£264m
English (55)£262m
French (55)£260m
German (63)£258m
Italian (59)£255m
English (56)£254m
Swedish (69)£252m
English (70)£252m
Spanish (52)£248m
German (49)£241m
Portuguese (62)£232m
Argentine (45)£231m
Turkish (63)£222m
Dutch (54)£220m
Italian (59)£217m
German (52)£216m
Spanish (66)£213m
Welsh (59)£207m
English (62)£205m
Romanian (49)£195m
Italian (61)£191m
Dutch (69)£187m

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