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Can you name the 100 most expensive Premier League transfers ever?

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£89.3mMan Utd from Juventus
£75mMan Utd from Everton
£59.7mMan Utd from Real Madrid
£58mChelsea from Real Madrid
£55mMan City from Wolfsburg
£50mChelsea from Liverpool
£47.5mMan City from Everton
£47mMan City for registration
£46.5mArsenal from Lyon
£45mMan City from Spurs
£44mMan City from Liverpool
£43mMan City from Monaco
£42.5mArsenal from Real Madrid
£40mChelsea from Monaco
£38mMan City from Atletico Madrid
£37.1mMan Utd from Chelsea
£37mMan City from Schalke
£36mMan Utd from Monaco
£35mLiverpool from Newcastle
£35mArsenal from Valencia
£35mArsenal from B. Mgladbach
£35mMan City from Benfica
£34mChelsea from PSG
£34mLiverpool from Southampton
£34mLiverpool from Roma
£32.5mLiverpool from Aston Villa
£33.2mChelsea from Marseille
£32.5mMan City from Real Madrid
£32mChelsea from Atletico Madrid
£32mChelsea from Anzhi
£32mChelsea from Lille
£32mMan City from Porto
£31mMan Utd from Benfica
£30.75mMan Utd from Spurs
£30mMan Utd from Leeds
£30mChelsea from Milan
£30mMan City from Shakhtar
£30mArsenal from Barcelona
£30mMan Utd from Villarreal
£30mChelsea from Leicester
£30mSpurs from Newcastle
£30mChelsea from Barcelona
£29mMan Utd from Athletic Bilbao
£29mLiverpool from Hoffenheim
£29mChelsea from Roma
£29mLeicester from Sporting Lisbon
£28.5mMan City from Valencia
£28.1mMan Utd from Lazio
£28mEverton from Chelsea
£28mMan City from Swansea
£27.5mMan Utd from Everton
£27mMan Utd from Porto
£27mMan Utd from Southampton
£27mMan City from Wolfsburg
£27mMan City from Palmeiras
£27mCrystal Palace from Liverpool
£26.5mLiverpool from Atletico Madrid
£26.1mChelsea from Fiorentina
£26mMan Utd from B. Dortmund
£26mSpurs from Valencia
£26mMan City from Valencia
£26mMan City from Aston Villa
£25.7mSpurs from Roma
£25.5mMan Utd from Sporting Lisbon
£25mMan Utd from Southampton
£25mMan Utd from PSV
£25mLiverpool from Southampton
£25mMan City from Arsenal
£25mEverton from Burnley
£25mEverton from Sunderland
£25mLiverpool from Newcastle
£24.4mChelsea from Lyon
£24mChelsea from Marseille
£24mMan Utd from Arsenal
£24mMan City from Barcelona
£24mMan City from Inter
£24mMan City from Arsenal
£23.6mEverton from Ajax
£23.5mChelsea from Valencia
£23mChelsea from Fiorentina
£22.8mLiverpool from Ajax
£22mMan City from Everton
£22mMan City from Fiorentina
£21mChelsea from Man City
£21mChelsea from Barcelona
£21mChelsea from Benfica
£21mChelsea from Benfica
£20.5mWest Ham from Swansea
£20.3mLiverpool from Tottenham
£20mEverton from Crystal Palace
£20mMan City from B. Dortmund
£20mLiverpool from Southampton
£20mLiverpool from Benfica
£20mMan City from Sevilla
£20mEverton from Man Utd
£20mBournemouth from Chelsea
£20mMan Utd from Everton
£20mLiverpool from Aston Villa
£19.85mChelsea from Porto
£19.8mChelsea from Benfica

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