Music Quiz / Word Ladder: The White Album Part 1

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Can you complete the word ladder based on Disc 1 Side A of The Beatles' self-titled 1968 album?

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____ in the USSR
Absence of
A joke or fun experience
Not light
What Father McKenzie does with his socks
Actress, Laura ____
Head of a university
An agreement
____ Prudence
To have clothes on
Hip-Hop group, ____tie Boys
One-sided perspective
Buenos ____
Common party food
5 LETTERS: leaking taps or stupid people
Informal grandmothers
Informal for cannabis
_____ Onion
4 LETTERS: Actor, member of Tenacious D, Kyle ____
Scottish girl
Scottish boys
A classy woman
Ob-__-__, Ob-La-Da
To put cargo on a ship
To walk through a wet, treacherous environment
An improper bowl in cricket
Devious or cunning
____ Honey Pie
The desire to do something
The Continuing Story of Bungalow ____
To stop before something is overflowing
Took a tumble
Non-woven texture
Most people have two of these
Part of a guitar
French word for ready/prepared
Shorthand for preparation
Sneak a look
While my Guitar Gently ____s
To think, or an American rock band
Actor, James van der ____
English slang for stupid or foolish person
What the Swedish chef says
A garden-dwelling animal or dance
Happiness is a ____ Gun

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