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QUIZ: Can you name the Tally Hall songs based on a portion of their lyrics?

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Forced Order
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LyricSong Name
She opens her lips and it goes like this
Mind control mind restart
* chicken imitation *
And the rest of it is waiting under
Cardboard houses, x-ray vision
The chemistry is gone
You're only six inches away from becoming one
Words don't work like Webster says
Don't worry about this
Showed me that I was a gentleman
You'd rather feel safe
All you have to do is activate my bell
It must be never-ending, comprehend if you can
A wise man suggested they work on their smiles not their frowns
I have seen the signs and I ignored them
LyricSong Name
Send home the locksmith, Green's got keys
Every saint has a sin
I don't care if some other guy's in your life
Make up your mind and tell me, 'no'
My life is a constant entrapment of tunnels
Off in the distance emitting a glow in the dark
There's always something that's worth believing in
To the shoulder that's me
You're a star
It's easy to see from the outermost climb
But right now, it's solely mine
Igniting a spark in their minds
You told me to buy a pony
Details are killing me
She calls it a game

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