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What planet are Time Lords from?
Name one of the doctors wives
What does U.N.I.T. stand for?
What device in the TARDIS is broken that keeps it looking like a Police Box?
Amy Pond and Rory Williams hail from which English village?
What country does The Doctor encounter the last surviving member of the Slitheen family?
What constellation was Gallifrey in?
Who created The Torchwood Institute?
Name one of the spin-offs made.
Astrid Peth was a companion for one episode played by what famous Australian singer?
In 'Gridlock,' the Face of Boe reveals his great secret to the Doctor. What is it?
In 'Let's Kill Hitler,' The Doctor encounters a younger iteration of River Song and learns she has been conditioned by whom to assassinate him?
Silence must fall when the question is asked. What is the question?
What's the name of the lake where The Doctor was killed in Utah, situated on the Plain of Sighs?
While living in human form as 'John Smith', where did The Doctor store his Time Lord essence?
Who fufills the He will knock four times prophecy?
What are the tenth doctor's final words?
These Rhinoceros-headed humanoids are the mercenary police of the Universe or as The Doctor called them, 'Interplanetary thugs.'
This is an elite organization created by the Emperor of the Daleks to think as their enemies think and find new ways of surviving – and of killing enemies.
What year does The Waters of Mars take place in?
What is the name of the captain in The Waters of Mars?
What is the name of Carrey Mulligan's character in Blink?
What does the Doctor describe time as in Blink?
What species does the doctor describe as Lonely Assassins
What war did The Doctor survive between Time Lords and The Daleks?

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