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Can you name the All the Bosses in the Megaman X Series??

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Megaman X
Rolling Shield 
Boomerang Cutter 
Shotgun Ice 
Fire Wave 
Homing Torpedo 
Electric Spark 
Chameleon Sting 
Storm Tornado 
Fought 3 Times 
Sigma Castle 1 
Sigma Castle 2 
Sigma Castle 3 
Sigma Castle 4 
Sigma Castle 4 
Final Boss 
Maverick Hunter X
Megaman X2
Spin Wheel 
Bubble Splash 
Speed Burner 
Silk Shot 
Magnet Mine 
Crystal Shot 
Sonic Slicer 
Strike Chain 
X Hunter 1 
X Hunter 2 
X Hunter 3 
First Stage 
X Hunter Stage 1 
X Hunter Stage 2 
X Hunter Stage 3 
X Hunter Stage 4 
Final Boss 
Megaman Xtreme
Normal Mode 
Hard Mode 
Megaman X3
Parastitic Bomb 
Frost Shield 
Spinning Blade 
Gravity Well 
Ray Splasher 
Acid Burst 
Tornado Fang 
First Stage 
Secret Stage 
Mid-Boss in Some Stages 
Mid-Boss in Some Stages 
Combo of Previous Two 
Doppler Tower 1 
Doppler Tower 2 
Doppler Tower 3 
Doppler Tower 4 
Final Boss 
Megaman Xtreme 2
Final Stage 2 
X Mode 
Zero Mode 
Extreme Mode Final Boss 
Megaman X4
Lightning Web/Raijingeki 
Rising Fire/Ryuuenjin 
Double Cyclone/Tenkuuha 
Soul Body/Kuenbu 
Frost Tower/Hyouretsuzan 
Twin Slasher/Shippuga 
Ground Hunter/Hienkyaku 
Aiming Laser/Rakuhouha 
Sky Lagoon 
'I will show you no mercy, Now get Ready!' 
X Only 
Zero Only 
'My fate is sealed...I have no choice.' 
Final Boss form 1 
'Are you ready for Round 2!?' 
Megaman X5
Crescent Shot/Sword 
Tri-Thunder/Electric Blade 
Flash Laser/C-Flasher 
Goo Shaver/Foam Splasher 
Wing Spiral/Wind Shredder 
Spike Ball/Twin Dream 
Dark Hold 
Ground Fire/Quake Blazer 
Never Dies 
Zero Area 1 
Zero Area 2 
Zero Area 3 (Zero Only) 
Zero Area 3 (X Only) 
Zero Area 3 (Bad Ending Only) 
First Stage 
Megaman X6
Yammar Option 
Meteor Rain/Ensuizan 
Guard Shell 
Ice Burst/Hyoroga 
Magma Blade/Shouenzan 
Ray Arrow/Rekkoha 
Metal Anchor/Rakukojin 
Ground Dash/Setsuizan 
First Stage 
Hidden Boss 1 
Hidden Boss 3 
Gate Stage 1 
Gate Stage 2 
Gate Stage 3 
Megaman X7
Gaea Shield/Gokumonken 
Volt Tornado/Raijinshou 
Splash Laser/Suiretsusen 
Circle Blaze/Bakuenjin 
Moving Wheel/Zankourin 
Sniper Missile/Hieijin 
Wind Cutter/Souenbu 
First Stage 
Red Alert Stage 1 
Fake Out Final Boss 
The Professor 
Megaman X8
Shadow Runner/Rasetsusen/Black Arrow 
Green Spiner/Youdantotsu/Blast Launcher 
Crystal Wall/Rekkyoudan/Bound Blaster 
Thunder Dancer/Raikousen/Plasma Gun 
Drift Diamond/Hyouryuushou/Ice Gattling 
Melt Creeper/Enkoujin/Flame Burner 
Squeeze Bomb/Juuhazan/Spiral Magnum 
Shining Ray/Tenshouha/Ray Gun 
Intro Stage 
O hai Chibodee 
Darkness Finger 
Not Sigma this time!? 0_o 
Final Form 
Imma cut ya 
Megaman X: Command Mission
Chapter 1 
Party Member later 
Chapter 2 
Chapter 3 
Chapter 4 
Also Chapter 4 
Chapter 5 
Chapter 6 
Also Chapter 6 
Chapter 7 
Chapter 8 
Chapter 9 
Also Chapter 9 
Chapter 10 
Also Chapter 10 
Optional Boss 
Optional Boss 

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