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Who is the main character in the game ?
What year is the game set in ?
Where is the game based ?
Whose death was Arno framed for ?
After Arno's father was assassinated Monsieur de la Serre adopted him what is the name off Monsieur de la Serre's daughter ?
After being framed he goes to prison only to find an assassins what is his name ?
What is Pierre Bellec favorite name for Arno ?
After becoming an assassin he soon finds out that that Elise is the daughter of a ?
Throughout the game Arno finds himself with a new arsenal of weapon's, what is the name of the attachment the fits onto the hidden blade which is a crossbow ?
And lastly what are the 3 tenants of the assassins brotherhood ?
what is the second tenant ?
What is the third tenant ?

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Tags:assassin, creed, much, unity

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