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Can you name the fruits beginning with each letter of the alphabet(diregarding letters I, Q, U, V, X, Y and Z)?

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AMexican, pear shaped, purple skinned fruit!
BNative to North America, the colour of it's name
COrange/yellow in colour, sweet fruit related to the abiu
DSweet, dried fruit grown on a palm
EAlso known as pouteria trees, its name has a link to the product of a hen!
FGreen skinned fruit from a Ficus
GBitter, orange/yellow fruit with a red flesh
HThe fruit of a cartoon hound?
JBanana tasting fruit containing a boy's name!
KDull brown skinned, with a bright green flesh and seeds
LYellow, acidic fruit often used in cooking
MYellow/orange, sweet fruit containing a stone
NSmooth skinned peach
OMost commonly grown, citrus fruit
PGreen skinned, white fleshed fruit
RSweet fruit which can pureed, dried, juiced or frozen
SSweet, red, commonly eaten fruit, used in cooking
TRed, salad fruit, often wrongly desribed as a vegetable
WRound, Light and dark green skinned, red fleshed fruit

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