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Can you name the nationality of the actors?

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How to PlayForced Order
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Ray Winstone
Dustin Hoffman
Kenneth Branagh
Karl Urban
Richard Gere
Anne Hathaway
Heather Graham
Heath Ledger
Russell Crowe
John Rhys-Davies
Ray Stevenson
Billy Boyd
CiarĂ¡n Hinds
Brian Cox
Cate Blanchett
Daniel Craig
Ewan McGregor
Johnny Depp
Elijah Wood
Hugh Laurie
Brendan Gleeson
Orlando Bloom
Helen Mirren
Christian Bale
Nicole Kidman
John Noble
Kevin McKidd
Jonathan Pryce
Hugo Weaving
Robert Pattinson
Liam Neeson
Sean Connery
Andy Serkis
Hugh Jackman
Jim Carrey
Michael Gambon
Ioan Gruffudd

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