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QUIZ: Can you name the Absolute Die Hard Harry Potter Fan Questions?

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What is Cornelius Fudges middle name?HP5
How many pages does HP5 have?HP5
How many exceptions to Gumps law of Elemental Transfiguration are there?HP7
What school do the Dursleys say Harry attends?HP3
What spell magically loudens the voice?HP4
What are the 3 Ireland chasers called?HP4
Who was sorted last in HP1?HP1
What times are all of Harrys lessons with Dumbledore?HP6
How old is Voldemort when he dies?HP2 and 7
What is Pickaxe in Gobbledegook?HP4
What is, according to Hermione, is Rons emotional range?HP5
When, after hearing Snape and Quirrell 'chat' does Ron say the stone will be gone by?HP1
How many years later is it at the end?HP7
What book do Divination students require?HP3
Who broke into Snape's office?HP4
What 2 parts of Malfoys body did the sectumsempra curse hit?HP6
What type is the flying car?HP2
What were the two children Voldemort passed dressed as on Halloween?HP7
What does Fudge try to wangle for Snape when Harry Ron and Hermione are in the hospital wing?HP3
What does Diggory turn a rock into on the 1st task?HP4

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