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A dinosaur and a divaShinee
An anchovy-monkey and a fishySuper Junior
A dance machine and a charismatic rapperShinee
A deer and a black pearl SNSD
A californian maknae and a rapperF(x)
A leader and an angel TVXQ JYJ
A tough racoon and a duckSuper Junior
Members of K.R.Y.Super Junior K.R.Y.
A chinese man and a cinderellaSuper Junior
Both ex membersJYJ TVXQ
A horse and a sheepSuper Junior
A chinese man and a chinese-candianSuper Junior M
A maknae and a fake maknaeShinee and F(x)
An NG king and an AEGYO kingSuper Junior
Dancing MachinesSNSD and Super Junior
A leader and a lead vocalistShinee and F(x)
Joined we got married but different couplesSuper Junior and SNSD
A dancer-rapper and a dancerSuper Junior and SNSD
Rapper and a leader2PM and Miss A
Milky Couple2PM and Solo singer
A Heenim and An-ManduSuper Junior and Wondergirls
A thailand and a chinese2PM and F(x)
Aegyo coupleSuper Junior and SNSD
Under the same agency2NE1 and Big Bang
A dancing machine and a virtual maknaeBeast
Hottest Cabi2PM and SNSD
A maknae and a chinese Super Junior and Miss A
A leader and its maknaeTVXQ
A rapper and a californianShinee and F(x)
VocalistsBig Bang
An older twin and a maknaeBoyfriend
A leader and a maknaeB1A4
A leader and a vocalistB1A4
A leader and maknaeBoyfriend
A leader and a vocalist2AM and B.E.G.
A dancer and a rapperShinee and Super Junior
A leader and a PhillipinoMBLAQ
A vocalist and a guitaristCN Blue
A leader and a vocalistCNBlue and SNSD
A rapper and a vocalistBoyfriend
A chicken lover and a mummyShinee
A ballerina and a maknaeMBLAQ
An actor and a leaderMBLAQ and Shinee
Two members of dinosaur siblingsSuper Junior and Shinee
A leader and a virtual maknaeBeast
The real and fake maknaeBeast
Members of SJ-MSuper Junior-M
Fights over a fishSuper Junior
A fish and the horseSuper Junior
A cinderella and its dancing machineSuper Junior
The affair with chickenShinee
The affair between an anchovy, horse and fishSuper Junior
The affair between the rapper and the maknaeF(x)
The affair between the two faced and californianSNSD
The affair between the two members and ex.TVXQ JYJ
The virtual and real maknaeSuper Junior
The leader and the racoonSuper Junior and SNSD
Dancing machine and the tallest memberSNSD
The real couple who dated before debutSNSD and Super Junior
The leader and its WIFE!!Super Junior and an actress
The main daddy and mummy in HBSuper Junior and Sistar
The rappersBoyfriend and Sistar
Winnie the pooh and GoToNyuBoyfriend and A Pink
The maknae and the lead vocalistBoyfriend and Girls' Day
The younger Park and the maknaeMBLAQ
A rapper and its maknaeB1A4

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