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Can you identify the Disney Villains from his or her 'Criminal Minds' esque profile?

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Male, Middle Eastern origin. A middle-management position of authority. Noticeable antisocial tendencies. Compensates for possible impotency with a serpentine, phallic staff.
Female, European origin. Comes from wealth and luxury. Suffers from some OCD-like symptoms, coupled with a need to control others. Her obsession will also be her career
Female, European origin. She has above-average intelligence, coupled with an inflated sense of self. Actively manipulative and sadistic toward those she believe wronged her.
Male, African origin. Delusional belief in a fraternal war, coupled with intense envy. He is incapable of maintaing familial relationships. Homicidal ideation plays a major role.
Female, European origin. She has developed sensitivity from alienation. Volatile rage issues. She exhibits many traits of an antisocial, obsessive and narcissistic personality.
Male, American origin. He does not exhibit much in the way of personality disorder. He is a desperate man in serious debt. This desperation has led to his criminal activity.
Female, European origin. Textbook narcissist, but exhibits clear signs of a multiple personality disorder that she manifests into a judgmental outside inanimate object.
Male, European origin. Sadist posing as a religious authority figure. Has an inflated sense of self that conceals a deeper self loathing. Believes that he's fulfilling God's wishes
Male, European origin. Possible sexual identity confusion, coupled with a deluded narcissism. Overcompensates for personal insecurities with machismo.
Male, European origin. Anti-social and psychopathic tendencies resulting from abuse/neglect by cavalcade of siblings. Incapable of feeling love. Has a lot of Faux-charm.
Female, European origin. Sadistic and narcissistic personality has resulted in her enslaving and falsely imprisoning to fulfill her own delusion.
Female, European origin. She has severe and dangerous anger management issues. Decapitation is used to show her feelings of inadequacy.
Male, Mediterranean origin. He suffers from envy of his far more successful sibling. He masks his sinister motivations with an affable sense of humor.
Female, European origin. She is incapable of feeling basic human emotions toward the subject of her envy. Inflicts severe child abuse against her late husband's daughter.
Male, European origin. His attempted genocide stems from a personal greed that supersedes all the stereotypical social norms.

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