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Can you name the Arkham inmates based on his or her psychological profile

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Male. He suffers from acute paranoia brought on by systematic abuse at the hands of a guardian. His obsession with phobia is a product of his own severe fears.
Female. She lacks empathy toward the pain and suffering of others. Feelings of baser humanity have been replaced by a god-like complex toward fauna.
Male. His lack of humanity defies all logic and categorization. He simply is.
Male. His need to win supersedes his compassion towards others. His narcissistic personality leads to delusions of self-importance.
Female. A sense of abandonment at the hands of a male figure has left her vulnerable to manipulation and influence by most type-A personalities. She has no self identity of her own
Male. He is unable to let go of the 'glory days' and refuses to be replaced. His strange biological condition forces him to embrace the fluidity of his existence.
Female. Traumatic childhood experiences and a life of forced independence have hardened her to other's opinions. While not outwardly violent, her cunning exceeds most others.
Male. His obsession with duality stems from a life-long struggle with symptoms of MPD and anger. The submissive personality is still present, but faded.
Male. His criminal activity stems from a place of compassion toward his late wife. His description as a 'super criminal' is debatable given his lack of personal gain.
Male. He suffers from a powerful need to control, this coupled with his sense of self superiority has developed a severe god-complex. His lack of mortality hinders him from limits.

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