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QUIZ: Can you name the Team Fortress Entities?

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Who is the fastest class?'Bonk!'
Which class is in favor of sandwiches?'Sandvich.'
Which class can scope in on victims?'Headshot.'
Who can crabwalk?'Gentlemen?'
Which class has the most health?'Charge now, doctor!'
Who was born in the era of the hypocritical oath?'Dumkopffs!'
Who is the only class able to wield a sword?'Cheers, mate!'
Which class is capable of building machines to help their team and solve practical problems?'Cream gravy!'
Who can destroy a sentry gun within its blast radius (no projectiles)?'Not our finest moment.'
Who is the best at revealing spies?*Mumbling*
Which class never has any part of their face visible?No quotes here…
Who is the main manufacturer of weapons?Saxton Hale works here.
What is the name of Heavy's gun?'Who touched my gun?!'
Which wepon lets the Pyro ignite foes from a long distance?'I appear to have burst into flames.'
What does Sniper use to reveal spies?'Bombs away!'
What is Demoman's favorite cider?'I'm drunk, you don't have an excuse!'
How many hits for an Engineer to remove a sapper?'Spy sappin' my sentry!'
How many levels are there for every standard engineer building?'Teleporter, goin' up!'
How many feet of his own intestine did the Soldier shove back into his stomach in war?'Maggots!'
What is Engineer's full name?'That Engineer's a spy!'
What is Demoman's full name?'I had my good eye on ya' the whole time!'
EXTRA: What is the name of Heavy's UNUSED minigun?'Cry some more!'
EXTRA: How do spies fake deaths of fellow team members?'Oh please; just stay down!'

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