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Czechoslovakia is now both Czech Republic and Slovakia.
I am so parched I could drink a bulk of iced teas and lemonades.
Akiko wanted to learn the art of origami before Shihiro and make a thousand cranes first.
Halfway through the euchre tourney, my fool partner quit on me and we lost.
Be sure not to grab at the maroon dolls on sale, or else you might get in a fight with a mom in a hurry.
Cuba, Kuwait, Seychelles, Libya, and Belgium are on my list
On Celebrity Rehab, the guests included a Baldwin, a Jackson, and a Kardashian.
I'm not a ghoul, I'm a ghost. I hate when Lila guesses my costume wrong.
The hike up Mt. Ellery on the east face took us above the timberline.
Where did ma put our oats and corn for the cereal and bread cookoff?
Between 'Stun' and 'Stop', I would say 'Stun' is the better spell to cast at Ithos.
I would hibernate all winter, like a bear if I could do it.
Tina's golf teacher, Otto, told her that anything under par is out of her reach.
Does the tour have both a rural and an urban guide for us?
If Edie makes her famous feta and macaroni lasagna then save me a slab for when I get home.
Someone hire the man a guard for his front gate on the estate, in case the robber returns.
The music room held a celesta, a piano, and a xylophone, as well as other instruments.
I gotta wake up 'fore nine to see Marius, our mailman.
If the tv upstairs has the wrong channel on, don't change it because it'll make the downstairs one fritz.
In stocks, platinum is higher than oil and grain both.

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