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Movie #1AnswerMovie #2
De Niro and Hoffmann in a political farceAl Pacino takes hostages. 'Attica!'
A submarine classic with Burt Lancaster and Clark Gable President Freeman must save the world from certain destruction
Woodward and Bernstein expose WatergateMartin Sheen's kids are garbagemen
Will Smith is on the run from Popeye DoyleRussell Crowe and Ben Affleck movie about some intrigue in Washington
Gerard Butler dishes out way more punishment than is necessaryRosebud!
Steve Martin is a sentimental sap about his little girl's nuptualsA (probably) terrible sequel about a killer doll
Kurt Russell is in action, likely wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and sweating profuselyForget it Jake...its (movie title)
Movie #1AnswerMovie #2
John Travolta is muscling his way into the music businessWe totally have failure to communicate
A classic about a dining Sydney PoitierUpcoming comedy with Rudd and Carrell
Roman Polanski horror classicTina Fey and Amy Poehler bring life into the world and laughs into our living rooms
Tony Stark begins his life as a superheroDiCaprio looks like a hockey goalie the whole time
Jesus Shuttleworth is ballin like woahBruce Lee movie with Kareem as a Karate giant
Metal police and Ford Tauruses in dystopic DetroitStallone puts on weight, defends his town against crooked NYC police
Halle Berry and Bruce Willis wanted a paycheckWill Ferrell hears voices. Well, a sophisticated English woman's voice.

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