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Robert De Niro gets psychiatric help from Billy CrystalMockumentary featuring amps that go to 11, a tiny Stonehenge, and lots of dead drummers
A Swedish film about young vampire loveColin Farrell plays a hitman hiding in Belgium
Daniel Plainview has an unquenchable thirst for oilFrank Dux gets his kicks participating in the Kumite
Sly Stallone stars in an arm wrestling classicMaverick, Goose, Iceman, Merlin, Viper...wait are these their real names?
Jimmy Stewart in a heartwarming movie you will see a dozen times during ChristmasHitchcock film featuring survivors of a German U-Boat attack
Bruce Lee's greatest film and the inspiration for Mortal Kombat Biopic about the life of the same martial arts legend
The film in which we first meet our favorite British spy Best Picture winner that I can't make heads or tails of. What's the most you've ever lost on a coin toss?
Another John Hughes film about teen angst, this one set during detentionBroken Lizard tries its hand at horror comedy with mixed results
Jim Carrey plays an oblivious reality TV starJessie Spano learns to poledance?! This film cannot possibly miss!
A Sergio Leone epic featuring Henry Fonda at his nastiestSci-Fi meets Western in this interactive theme park. Look out for the Gunslinger, I heard he's angry!
Paul Walker and Jessica Alba play sexy scuba divers. I think this film may have been on AFI's 100 Greatest...Shaq and Penny hoop it up under the tutelage of Coach Nolte. NCAA violations ensue
Daniel Day Lewis has more talent in this body part than you do in your entire bodyKevin Bacon is a dancing machine. 'Nuff said.
Laura Dern stars in this David Lynch movie that isnt actually about anything as far as I can tell.Spielberg directs a young Christian Bale living as a prisoner of war during WWII.
Edward Norton steals the show as an altar boy turned psycho killerJohnny Depp takes some drugs and hits up Sin City in style.
Angela Bassett takes a young lover with great abs and...regains her mojo.Kurt Russell and Billy Baldwin battle flames in Chicago.
Movie #1AnswerMovie #2
James Bond title about a girl's best friendTest pilot Mel Gibson wakes up in the 90's and has some adjusting to do.
Brad Pitt loves the peace and quiet that fly fishing brings.Nic Cage tips with a lottery ticket and a heartwarming movie ensues.
Kowalski is on the run in a mean white Dodge ChallengerJohnny Utah was a quarterback at Ohio State but now hes undercover for the FBI. I have no objections.
A bachelor party in Vegas gets awesome when a stripper is accidently killed.Halle Berry and Benicio del Toro bring the drama in a tale of drug abuse and redemption.
A classic brat packish vampire film starring Jack BauerWhoopi Goldberg and Drew Barrymore take a road trip in this chick flick.
Al Pacino loses his cool in the courtroom. You are all out of order!An animated feature dealing with the questions of canines and the afterlife
Clint Eastwood is a secret service agent who must match wits with John MalkovitchA 90's alien abduction movie that lacked star power and a film you probably haven't seen.
Bruce Willis is dead, Haley Joel Osment sees him, and Mischa Barton can't keep her food down.British drama starring Emma Thompson in an adaptation of a Jane Austen novel.
Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine are mailing correspondence in the vicinity of a precipice? That can't be right...Mel Gibson has never looked older or more hell-bent on justice for his slain daughter.
George Clooney is all about his frequent flyer miles.Kevin Bacon is a college basketball coach who finds some raw talent in Africa.
A snowboarding comedy featuring Zach Galifianakis. If that doesnt interest you, you may not have a pulse, I'm sorry.A Civil War odyssey featuring an appearance by Jack White. Sure, why not?
Matthew Modine stars in a film that tells the story of AIDSOne-and-done George Lazenby tries his hand at playing Bond.
Guy Ritchie directs wife Madonna in a colossal flop.Jim Halpert and Maya Rudolph have a child and dress like hipsters.
Jeff Daniels is at one point handcuffed to a bed.Neve Campbell and Denise Richards go swimming. Nothing else about this movie is remotely important.
Daniel Day Lewis stars as a man wrongly convicted of an IRA terrorist bombing.Robin Williams and Billy Crystal collect a fee for starring in regrettable schlock about a holiday on which ties are given to paternal figures.

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