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Forced Order
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Who is the Leader?
Which Member joined 'Hit the Stage'?
Wich Members were introduced with the second Season of 'NCT Life'?
In which MV of Red Velvet appeared Taeyong first with a rap part?
'Be there or be ____!'
'Welcome to Johnny's ______ Evaulation!'
'I lived in America for 4 Years. That's why I'm here!'
How is Doyoung's legendary Talk Show called?
Which of our beloved SM Rookies hasn't debuted yet but was a part of the 'Switch' MV?
Osaka Prince?
Chicago Monster?
Who is the Giant Baby of NCT?
Who is the Eye Smiling Boy of Dream?
Which Member is known for his Dimples?
Who failed first in NCT Life Season 4 'K-Food Challenge'?
And who reached the second place?
Who cried during the video messages in 'NCT Life in Bangkok'?
Which chinese Member was a part of the chinese Version of 'Without you'?
Which Member has also DJ Skills?
Who plays football well?
In which City took the first Season of 'NCT Life' place?
Which chinese Member appeared in the MV to 'Withou You'?
Which Member was introduced first for the 'Limitless'-Comeback' by the teasers?

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