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Baby Baby. We feel so lonely without you.(Group)
This Leader keeps the Weekly Idol flexibilty record with 42cm !! By the way he is a Boy.
This group debuted in 2017 with an interesting concept. You chased them, now they're saying Good Night to you. (Group)
Father of 12 children.
This Idol made two debuts and one disbandment within two years. Originally from China and she says she looks like a turtle.
This Maknae has a Fangirl. It's Hani of EXID.
I must let you know. This Idol has super strength in their latest comeback.
She's Superwoman.
He's in charge of girl group dance covers in his group. Remember the Weekly Idol episode when he danced against Cross Gene?
Same group as the previous one but this member is in charge of making high note noises even tho he is a Rapper.
Nation's Leader.
They completed their World Tour recently. Party Baby. (Group)
Third Member from the left.
She kills a man and runs away with two strangers but it doesn't matter because she's 365 so fresh.
This Idol exposed his abs recently. Unfortunately we were confronted with bad news about his relationship just a few days later.

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