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Jaehyun used to live in the USA. In which state?
Which two members have a radio show called NCT Night Night?
'Booming System uh uh. TY Track, TY Track'. In which MV can you find those lines?
Which song was the first win for NCT?
Which Member appeared on High School Rapper?
Which Member is the master of games because he has a good memory?
Which Member is a part of SM the performance ?
What is Haechan's real name?
Which Member released a Solo through SM Station in April 2017?
Whose nickname is 'Woojae'?
Which NCT Dream Member is currently on hiatus due to health issues?
Which Member plays the role of the brother of CLC's Sorn in a variety show?
Whose brother is Gongmyung of 5prise?
Which Member almost debuted with EXO?
Who is the Cheerleader of NCT?
Which Member can't whistle but an impressive lip trill?
Who spent the most time as Trainee?
Which Member is currently a MC on Inkigayo?
Which Member released a Solo through SM Station in May 2017?

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