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Can you name the Reality TV Elimination Catchphrases

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The tribe has spoken.
I'm sorry. You've both been eliminated from the race.
You're Fired.
You've been evicted from the _____ ________ house.
You are The __________ ______. Goodbye!
Please pack your knives and go.
Your time's up.
Your tour ends here.
For you, it's game over.
You're not going to get lei'd tonight.
You have been __________.
You must leave the chateau!
You're just a tool.
Membership denied; please remove your blazer.
Take off your jacket and leave _______ _________.
Your check is voided; it's time for you to bounce.
Your banner must fall.
And that means you're out. Auf Wiedersehen.
I'm sorry, but the Dallas Cowboys cannot use you. You might play for somebody, but it won't be for Dallas. You're cut.
This was your final cut.
You are...the first to quit this treatment. Your stay in _________ is over.
Now, sashay away.
The loser must walk down the Dock of Shame to catch the Boat of Losers, and they can never come back, ever.
Your ______ ____ _____ didn't work for us.
You are not The _________ _________.
You have fired your last shot.
Songwriting is hit-and-miss...and you missed.
I'm sorry. We will not be producing your show.
Now please raise your mics one final time for your swan song.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. , you're dead to us.
Please turn in your apron.
In that test, you were no ______ ________.
You are no longer in the running to be __________ _____ _____ _______.
You did not get a rose.
You do not have what it takes to be _____ _______. Please pack your machines.
You will not be the _____ ______ ______.
America has spoken.
Evidently _____ is not a ________ for you.
I have to ask you to leave the mansion.
This ends your time in .
The couple with the lowest amount of viewer votes and judges scores and therefore going home is...
The list is up.

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