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Can you name the tririva relating to the episode 'Last Exit to Springfield'?

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At home, Bart and Homer are watching a movie featuring this action hero
Over at the plant, Mr. Burns decides to take on the union over this benefit
While at the dentist, Ralph is shown this scary book
Back at home, Homer is watching this type of sports entertainment on TV(bonus points if you can name a participant)
Upon learning Lisa needs braces, Homer recalls getting a scar in the strike of '88 waiting for this snack
At the union meeting, Carl hopes this missing union president turns up alive and well
Which is a reference to this real life former Teamsters boss
In exchange for giving up the dental plan, the union will get this for their meetings
After the union cheers in agreement, these 2 phrases repeat in Homer's mind
A co-worker drops this in Homer's buttcrack
Having had an epiphany, Homer tells Lenny that without the dental plan he wouldn't have this in his tooth
And reminds Gummy Joe he wouldn't have this solitary tooth
At home, Bart tests Homer's negotiating skills as union boss by trading a doorstop for this pastry of Homer's
Later, while watching on security camera, Burns thinks Homer is exercising when he's actually trying to unstick this sugary treat from his back
Meeting with Mr. Burns, Homer thinks Burns is coming onto him, and says he doesn't go in for these kind of shenanigans
Back at the dentist, Lisa is put under anesthesia and has a dream that parodies this Beatles film/song
At home, the doorbell rings because of these type of people sent by Mr. Burns(bonus points if you can name one of them)
At Burns' mansion, Homer is shown 1000 monkeys writing a novel. Mr. Burns reads this line aloud(bonus points if you name the reference)
Down in the basement, Homer cuts negotiations short because he has to do this
Back at home, Homer pledges to punch this co-worker in the back of the head first thing tomorrow
Having voted to strike, the union turns on one co-worker who they believe voted nay. Prompted by this line from the real culprit.
Now on strike, Lisa performs a rousing labor anthem whose first 4 words are
It's high time ye learned ____ _ ____ _____ _____(5 words)
And a devil named Burns. We'll march 'till we drop the _____ ___ ___ ______
We'll fight 'till the death or else ____ ____ _________
We'll march day and night by the big cooling tower ____ ____ ___ _____ ___ __ ____ ___ _____
Talking to Burns, Grandpa discusses his strike breaking methods, and tells a rambling story about tying this to his belt
After concluding the union strike song, Lisa is asked to play this by Lenny
On Smartline Homer is joined by Mr. Burns as well as this real life talk show psychologist
Mr. Burns vows to wreak a terrible this on Springfield
Following through on his threat, Mr. Burns shuts off Springfield's power, uttering this famous line(bonus points if you can name the reference)
After turning off Sprinfield's power, Mr. Burns checks on the strikers in a parody of this famous character
Mr. Burns observes the strikers singing without one of these real items(bonus points if you can name 1 of the gibberish items)
Frustrated by the strikers' resolve, Mr. Burns gives in on this condition
When Mr. Burns restores Springfield's power, this factory's assembly line is shown working again, to many cheers
The episode closes with Lisa getting her new braces and the Simpson family laughing because of this

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