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Who where the first leaders?
Who died to save Briarkit?
The first book?
The very last book?
The two evil leaders of Shadowclan
Founder of Thunderclan?
The tribe's Name?
Whose leg was crushed?
Where do dead cats go?
Where do the cats meet every full moon?
Bluestar's mate?
Firestar's mate?
Firestar's first two kits?
Blind medicine cat?
The deaf kit who died from a hawk?
Tigerstar's Mentor
Who killed Tigerstar?
Who killed Scourge?
Who lead the modern Lionclan?
Who Killed Ashfur?
How did Firestar die?
What clan did Firestar re-create?
Whose Brambleclaw's father?
The current Shadowclan Leader
Where do evil dead cats go?

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