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Year-Actor/ActressMovieMoney Made
2009-Sam Worthington$2,782,275,172
1997-Kate Winslet$1,843,201,268
2011-Rupert Grint$1,328,111,219
2011-Shia LaBeouf$1,123,196,189
2003-Viggo Mortensen$1,119,110,941
2006-Johnny Depp$1,066,179,725
2010-Tim Allen$1,063,171,911
2011-Penélope Cruz$1,043,871,802
2010-Mia Wasikowska$1,024,299,904
2008-Heath Ledger$1,001,921,825
2001-Emma Watson$974,755,371
2007-Orlando Bloom$963,420,425
2010-Daniel Radcliffe$955,417,476
1994-Jeremy Irons$945,605,430
2007-Rupert Grint$939,885,929
2009-Daniel Radcliffe$934,416,487
2002-Ian Mckellen$925,282,504
1999-Ewan Mcgregor$924,317,558
2004-Mike Myers$919,838,758
1993-Sam Neil$914,691,118
2005-Emma Watson$896,911,078
2007-James Franco$890,871,626
2009-Ray Romano$886,686,817
2002-Daniel Radcliffe$878,979,634
2001-Elijah Wood$870,761,744
2003-Albert Brooks$867,893,978
2005-Ewan Mcgregor$848,754,768
2009-Megan Fox$836,303,693
2010-Ken Watanabe$823,576,195
2002-Kirsten Dunst$821,708,551
1996-Will Smith$817,400,891
2007-Eddie Murphy$798,958,162
2004-Gary Oldman$796,688,549
1982-Dee Wallace$792,910,554
2008-Harrison Ford$786,636,033
2004-Tobey Maguire$783,766,341
1977-James Earl Jones$775,398,007
2009-John Cusack$769,304,749
2006-Tom Hanks$758,239,851
2010-Cameron Diaz$752,600,867
2005-Liam Neeson$745,011,272
2003-Laurence Fishburne$742,128,461
2009-Edward Asner$731,342,744
2009-Robert Pattinson$709,711,008
2007-Shia LaBeouf$709,709,780
2010-Taylor Lautner$698,491,347
1994-Tom Hanks$677,387,716
1999-Bruce Willis$672,806,292
2011-Jack Black$663,024,542
2006-John Leguizamo$655,388,158

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