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Can you name the Name the actor that appeared in each group of films?

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Layer Cake/The Golden Compass/Munich
Sherlock Holmes/The Eagle/Robin Hood
Ali/The men in black/Seven Pounds
Thunderpants/Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix/Wild Target
The Lion King/Hunt fo the Red October/Clear and present danger
Home Alone/Goodfellas/JFK
The Great Escape/Miracle on 34st/Jurassic Park
The Patriot/Batman Begins/Valkyrie
Shaun of the dead/Run Fat-Boy Run/Star Trek
Gladiator/Blood Diamond/The Island
Platoon/The Tourist/Alice in Wonderland
Black Hawk Down/The Calcium Kid/The Lord of the Rings the Two Towers
Bronson/Inception/The Warrior
Jarhead/Miami Vice/Law abiding citizen
Goldeneye/The Matador/Mama Mia
Tron/Iron Man/True Grit
Seven/Invictus/The Bucket List
Knights Tale/The Da Vinci Code/Legion
Braveheart/Troy/X-Men 2
Enemy at the gates/Alfie/Road to Perdition

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