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Forced Order
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Where did Power Gaming place at their first MLG event?Easy
...and where was the event held?Easy
Which forum member has the most posts?Easy
Which Halo player famously punched a Call of Duty player at ECL BLackpool?Easy
Who asked Sargoth if he was wearing an XBL mic?Easy
Fill the blank: But _______, what happened on LAN?Easy
FFA Winner - XL6Easy
FFA Winner - ECL LiverpoolEasy
Name The Team: Struj, Flamestryke, Elux, Megadeath1Normal
What was the cancelled XL event in Manchester called?Normal
Name The Lineup: Tugsy, Philza, Bonzo, oO Jack OoNormal
Who dodged an event claiming their mother had died?Normal
Name The Lineup: SkitzQ, Vard, GDF Sniper, Ang3lNormal
What year did TSG place Top24 at an MLG event?Normal
...and where was the event held?Normal
Who was the first ever MLG pro to be interviewed on HRF EU?Heroic
Which Halo player was also a world Forza Champion?Heroic
Complete The Lineup: Skulltekk, iDeal, Vaughano, ________Heroic
Name The Team: DtC Twin, Fishboy, Ninjaboy, AdamackHeroic
What was Skull Tekk's other alias?Heroic
Who failed to achieve the status of chatbox moderator after placing outside the Top4 at i37?Heroic
Fill in this community saying: Me and _______ ye?Heroic
What was Jools' original alias?Heroic
What did iD originally stand for?Heroic
What was the gamertag of Pyronox's brother?Legendary
Which player was famously known as 'The X-Factor'?Legendary
What does GDF stand for in GDF Sniper?Legendary
Name The Lineup: Krucial, MVP, Cult, GaskinLegendary
Which community member led the charge to ban the phrase 'nX'?Mythic
Which player famously got 'dropped' on the day of a tournament only to find out his team were winding him up?Mythic

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