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He went on a search for the golden fleece
The creater of the Labyrinth
The slayer of the Minotaur
The first woman
He slew Medusa
She tried to tell of Troys fate but was cursed to never be believed
He wore wax wings that melted
He did the 12 labors
She was turned into a spider by Athena
He was killed by an arrow in the heel
He slew the Chimera
A personification of death
She was turned to a cow by Zeus
He was chopped to pieces by his titan children
He was made to hold the worlds on his shoulders
She has to repeat everything she hears
He was blinded and placed in the stars
He kidnapped the princess of Troy
A Queen of Sparta who was kidnapped to start the Trojan War
The wife of Jason who killed her children

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