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Forced Order
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'I got a little doozy in the chamber if things get emotional.'Pilot
'Because children get pity but not respect, and adults, they get respect, but they also get the back of their head grabbed and their face pushed through jukeboxes!'Pilot
'I discovered at a very early age that if I talk long enough, I can make anything right or wrong. So either I'm God or truth is relative. In either case, booyah!'Pilot
'I'm sorry I called you Michael Douglas, and I see your value now.'Pilot
'Senor Chang, why do you teach spanish?'Spanish 101
'That dude is crazy. He told me girls have two pee holes.'Spanish 101
'La bigote de la cabra es Cameron Diaz.'Spanish 101
'29 seconds.'Introduction to Film
'Why are you dressed like an 80's rapist?'Introduction to Film
“I seem to have left my purse in my duffel, and my duffel in the boot of my lorry.”Social Psychology
'If I'm gonna cheat, I'm not gonna write information from a book on a piece of paper, that's practically learning for God's sake.'Advanced Criminal Law
'Fawlty Towers, game over. 'Advanced Criminal Law
'I'm willing to try some more mainstream feminine stuff.'Football, Feminism and You
'You're saying I could be a lawyer.'Football, Feminism and You
'Announcement number two: Butt soup.'Football, Feminism and You
'Hey, you in the skirt, date me.'Introduction to Statistics
'If I stay there can be no party.'Introduction to Statistics
'Am I good looking?'Introduction to Statistics
'TV never abused and insulted me... unless you count Cop Rock.'Home Economics
'You knew what was going to happen yesterday, you Middle Eastern magic 8-ball.'Debate 109
'In a way, all of you are right.'Environmental Science
'Well guess what, handsome hobo. Your gravy train's leaving the station.'Environmental Science
'You can't handle the moist towelette.'Environmental Science
'Don't eat the crab dip!'The Politics of Human Sexuality
'Congratu-horrible.'The Politics of Human Sexuality
'Function with relative ease, Function with relative ease.'Comparative Religion
'It's usted dude, even I know that!'Comparative Religion
'Say the whole word.'Comparative Religion
“You made me so happy I just peed a little.”Investigative Journalism
'Can't I be the friend in the group whose trademark is his well-defined boundaries like Privacy Smurf, Discrete Bear or Confidentiality Spice?'Interpretive Dance
'Actually, everyone is my bro in the whole entire universe because everything is connected. Rocks... eagles... hats.'Romantic Expressionism
'Hey, guys! Thanks for eating all the macaroni!'Romantic Expressionism
'Movie reference.'Communication Studies
'Don't be Mike Brady. Mike Brady's not sexy. You should be like Jo from Facts of Life.'Physical Education
'Why couldn't I have been Brown Joey?'Physical Education
'Balls, like a man!'Physical Education
'I hate Glee. I don't understand the appeal at all.'Basic Genealogy
'Hey, Phantom Menace, how's the trade embargo with the Naboo?' Basic Genealogy
'Commanded a jet-ski through an electrical storm. Only had one casualty.'Beginner Pottery
'It's the hilarious guy-on-guy.'Beginner Pottery
'My partner's a Christian housewife.'The Science of Illusion
'Agitatin' my sciatica. I'm too old for this.'The Science of Illusion
'Can we make this quick? I have to give a banana to Annie's Boobs.'Contemporary American Poultry
'Henry David Thoreau Diet Squirt.'The Art of Discourse
'I want TBD. Is that new?'Modern Warfare
'Come with me if you don't want paint on your clothes.'Modern Warfare
'I thought it was paint but I'm just bleeding. Talk about luck! 'Modern Warfare
'Word of advice: If an Asian man says he's a Spanish teacher, it's not racist to ask for proof.'English as a Second Language
'Before I respond to that, I'll have to take an extra-strength vitamin duh.'Pascal's Triangle Revisited
'Holy macaroni with pepper jack.'Pascal's Triangle Revisited

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