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Can you name the cities ending in Z ?

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Capital of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany 
Large Austrian city (Franz Ferdinand's birthplace) 
Third-largest city of Austria 
Capital of the principality of Liechtenstein 
German city and lake (German for Constance) 
Spanish city associated with the Spanish Navy  
North America
Ciudad ______ known in the past as Paso del Norte 
Major port and municipality on the Gulf of Mexico  
Alaska oil city port famed for 1989 oil spill 
Costa Rican city translates to 'The Cross' 
Alabama city or major figure in The Book of Ruth 
Mexican town or Spanish golfer Miguel Ángel 
South America
Bolivia's most populous city 
____ de Fora, Brazil (also known as J.F) 
The seat of Bolivia's government  
Moroccan city or Moroccan hat 
Southern terminus of famous canal 
The largest city in northern Niger 
Historical capital of Iran (its 4th largest city) 
Iranian city or dark-skinned grape variety 

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