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QUIZ: Can you name the 30 yellow things (alphabetical)?

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1983 Graham Chapman, pirate movie
Easily frightened person
Any of various American goldfinches ...
What the road in Oz was made of
Common type of taxi
Shown by a soccer referee for a violation
Coats’ disease (exudative retinitis)
Tropical disease transmitted by mosquitoes
Widely distributed variety of tuna
Precious malleable ductile metallic element
European bunting or 12–6 curveball
Asian ground nesting wasp
Barbiturate (Nembutal) or another wasp
Tour de France leaders attire
Biased media opinion masquerading as fact
Capital of the Northwest Territories
US shorebird (greater and lesser varieties)
They're painted along roads
'Look at the stars, Look how they shine for you'
Large deciduous US timber tree
Famous telephone directory
Threat to the West said to arise from Asia
Sign of support for troops attached on tree
Discolored grain caused by contamination
Major waterway in northern China
Flower associated with Texas
Winter advice: Don't eat ______ ____
Wyoming national park
Beatles animated musical fantasy
Large marine game fish (genus Seriola)

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