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The Sky
Type of electromagnetic radiation 
Primordial matter of the universe 
Time taken for Earth to orbit Sun 
Heaven's belt: 12 constellations 
____ lens (parfocal lens) 
Sky directly above the observer 
Element: Xe 
Element: Y 
Element: Yb 
Element: Zn 
Element: Zr 
The 1 in the 'Cartesian' pair (1,10) 
Vertical line on a graph 
3 feet, or 36 inches 
Riemann ____ function ΞΆ(s) 
Large, indeterminate number 
Number with no quantity: '0' 
Mixed Bag
14th letter of Greek alphabet 
___ process (part of the sternum) 
Male sex chromosomes 
Single-celled fungi (Ascomycota) 
Mass produced in chemical reaction 
Internal part of a bird's egg 
Cell resulting from sperm and egg 
___ Gagarin: cosmonaut 
Hubert ___: Manhattan Project 
Thomas ___: interference of light 
Ferdinand von ___: rigid airships 
___ Heng: Han Chinese polymath 
___ Neale Hurston: anthropology 
Mammal: African ground squirrel 
Bird: ______'s hummingbird 
Mammal: Species Bos grunniens 
Mammal: species Bos taurus 
Mammal: striped polecat 
Mammal: genus Equus 

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